Choice is yours

As we hear the daily dirge in this Season of Slaughter there seems to be a dichotomy of emotions doing battle as well.  It’s fragmentary and complex, at least for me, and here I put it to words:

Choice is yours

Engage or avoid?
Excise or fertilize?
Let ’em in or keep ’em out?
Fight or flee?
Turned cheek or haymaker?
Middle finger or arm wave?
Smile or grimace?
Move it or squash it?
Offered hand or closed fist?
Tears of joy or sadness?
Pay it forward or pay a fine?
Bless fortune or decry fate?
Imagine or forget?
Be grateful or bitter?
Help or hinder?
Think or react?
Anger or compassion?
Attack or forgive?
Laugh or snarl?
Smooth or roil?
Hate or love?


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