Water bottle battlefield

A memorable day across the Rio de la Plata in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay:

Water bottle battlefield

We escaped Buenos Aires aboard a ferry in
steerage struggling across the Rio de la Plata
headed to another land, its stories ancient
and military with fortress and basilica.
Beer and fruit and bread sustained us as
we sailed the broad river, more sea than stream.
Docking we disembarked into the barrio historico,
bougainvillea blooming wild above ancient
arches and cobblestones, its square moldering,
iron fences swooning left and right, curbs sinking.
The lighthouse tower cast a long shadow,
its Cyclops eye winking back at Buenos Aires.
Fortress soldiers stood at attention in formation,
knights and pawns and rooks wrought from
melted water bottles misshapen on a chess board.
We tourists moved them on the battlefield until
by day’s end their war was more a mosh pit.


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